Family and friends keep memory of missing Bardstown woman alive

Published: Jul. 5, 2017 at 11:36 PM EDT
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Two years have gone by and Crystal Rogers is still missing.

The Bardstown mother of five was last seen alive on July 3, 2015.

On Wednesday, loved ones of the Ballard family wanted their voices heard. They drove through town in the hopes of keeping Rogers' case in the public eye.

They drove past the home of Brooks Houck, Rogers' boyfriend. Investigators named him as a suspect in the case. However, he was never charged.

The group then drove to Houck's grandmother, Anna Whitesides', home. Investigators think a car she owned may have been used to get rid of Rogers' body.

"It breaks my heart," said Robin Wimsatt, a family friend. "I think it breaks all of our hearts. It's something that can't be solved in this town. It's just not right."

The drive through town ended at St. Thomas Parish where a vigil was held.

This anniversary is especially tough for Sherry Ballard, Crystal's mother. Last November, someone shot and killed Crystal's father, Tommy Ballard, while he was hunting.

"I won't lie, it's harder to search without him," Ballard said. "The whole team feels that he's not there ... just so many memories with him trying to find our daughter."

However, on such a somber day, Ballard said she also felt a sense of peace.

"I know every prayer isn't like you want it, but He is going to give me the justice I need one day and the answers I need to get me through this," she said.

The crowd lit candles and released balloons in support of the family hoping this year, they will get the answers they are searching for.

Two retired Kentucky State Police troopers were called in to investigate multiple unsolved crimes in the Bardstown area, including Crystal's disappearance and Tommy's death. Officials say the two troopers are working full-time to investigate those cases, as well as a few others.