Family continues fight for justice in case of babysitter accused of abusing infant

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JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Jessamine County family is closely watching each milestone for two-year-old Kylie Jo Sizemore. Back in 2016, police charged her babysitter, Erin Thompson, with criminal abuse after investigators say she abused Kylie Jo, who at the time was just four months old. Doctors told Sizemore's family she might never walk.

"She's doing really well. She's come a long way. She still struggles," said her mother, Natasha Sizemore.

Now, at two-years-old, Kylie Jo is beating the odds.

"It was amazing. Honestly, It really was. It was a very tearful experience for both me and her dad. We was so excited to see she was going to walk and overcome all the obstacles they said she wouldn't."

While each feat is huge for Kylie Jo, the family still has tough days ahead. Thompson's trial is set to begin soon. With that trial approaching, the family is taking part in an event to help raise awareness. They're gathering for a trail ride in McCreary County on Saturday, called the Justice Fore Kylie Jo Trail Ride.

"So we all just want to gather together and show a little bit of support, not just for her and getting the justice she deserves, but for all the kids that's been abused," Sizemore said.

The ride is just one way Natasha Sizemore is raising awareness. She's pushing a second time for a House Bill that would require anyone convicted of child abuse to be listed on a registry.

"We didn't get it passed last year, but we're going to see about getting it passed come next year. We've got everyone that was standing behind us then still standing behind us now."

Sizemore hopes momentum for the legislation continues.

"We just want to keep getting support for Kylie and get justice. She deserves it."

Saturday's trail ride in McCreary County starts at 10:30 in the morning.

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