Family hires private investigator in search for Savannah Spurlock

Published: Jun. 29, 2019 at 10:19 PM EDT
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It's been nearly six months since Richmond mother Savannah Spurlock disappeared, and still no answers.

Now, her family hopes a private investigator will uncover new information about what happened.

Spurlock, 23, was last seen leaving The Other Bar in downtown Lexington Jan. 4. Police released surveillance pictures of Spurlock leaving the bar, and investigators say she left with three men. Investigators have talked to all three and learned she went to a Garrard County home after being at the bar.

Her family enlisted Salvatore Grasso in the search this week. Grasso said he has worked 27 years as a licensed private investigator and 10 years as a U.S. Naval investigator.

"One thing we hope to achieve is to hopefully dig up some other information that perhaps we can pass on to law enforcement investigators," Grasso said. "I know that the Richmond Police Department has done an excellent, thorough job on this, and I assume they would appreciate any information they can get to put the full puzzle together."

He was hesitant to say what elements of the case stick out to him, not wanting to jeopardize the efforts of law enforcement.

Grasso said he and his team are working in Garrard County and hope to develop connections with people who may have information vital to the case.

"Anything we can get from anybody, no matter how minute it may be, that perhaps could be a piece of the puzzle," he said.

Meanwhile, a

for the first tip that leads to Spurlock's discovery or an arrest and conviction in the case remains unclaimed.

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