Family of Lexington cyclist killed in accident donates bikes to kids

Published: Dec. 19, 2015 at 3:11 PM EST
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A group of children received a special gift on Saturday, in remembrance of a prominent lawyer and well-known cyclist who was killed in May.

Mark Hinkel, 57, was on mile 99 of the 102 mile Horsey Hundred bike ride in Georgetown when a truck hit and killed him.

This year, his family started the "Mark Hinkel Moving Forward Bike Program" to give bikes and helmets to children in need.

"We knew honoring Dad with bikes would be amazing," Mark's daughter, Andrea, said.

Today was about giving, but Mark's wife, Mary-Lynn Hinkel, says it was also a way to hold on to the memory of her husband this holiday season, "cause he loved it so much it was such a big part of his life"

"We're excited to be able to make these boys' days," Andrea said.

"It will be heart warming to see a little bit of Mark when I see those kids."

The hope is that the "Mark Hinkel Moving Forward Bike Program" will become annual event during the holiday season.

Andrea says sharing her father's passion with these children helps to make this Christmas a bit brighter for everyone.

"The girls and I just felt like we wanted to do something with the bikes in his memory," she said.