Family says someone made a fake GoFundMe in late son's name

Published: Aug. 4, 2016 at 5:02 PM EDT
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It was a heartbreaking loss for a Mercer County couple. Earlier this week their newborn son died after battling multiple health problems, but the couple says someone then tried to take advantage of their tragedy.

"In the beginning of the pregnancy we found out in the first ultrasound he had gastroschisis," Collin Leber, a Harrodsburg man, said. "I'd never heard of this before."

That means Leber's son had a birth defect. His intestines were growing outside of his belly.

"It seemed like something that was going to be very easy to fix."

He says things got complicated when his son, Henley, was born a couple of weeks ago. In two week's time he had more than a handful of surgeries.

"I didn't want him to hurt no more. He'd been through enough. God told me that it was time and we [he, his fiance and their two daughters] had to say goodbye Monday night."

Mom and dad, trying to best explain to their girls what had happened, were shocked when a friend reached out letting them know a fake fundraising page was made in Henley's name.

According to Leber, a local woman stole Henley's picture, put it on GoFundMe claiming he was her son and asked for money. Harrodsburg police confirm there is an ongoing investigation into the page.

"To think that this is happening here, it's mind-blowing because I never thought that that would happen to me and I most certainly don't want that to happen to anybody else because I'm supposed to be with my family right now," Leber said.

He will lay his son to rest Friday.

The family did set up a fundraising page of their own.