Family still searches for missing Nicholas Co. woman nearly a year later

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CARLISLE, Ky. (WKYT) - The family of a Nicholas County woman is still searching for her nearly a year after she went missing.

"We have a circumstance here unlike most missing person cases," said retired Kentucky State Police detective, and private investigator Clint Graves.

A quiet country oasis in Nicholas County is home to a troubling mystery.

"Absolutely it's a suspicious issue. It's a suspicious event," said Graves.

It was the day after Christmas last year, when 58-year-old Lori Feltz left her home, on a routine walk across family property to her sister's house nearby, which was not out of the ordinary for her.

"She's done it on a daily basis for quite a long time," said Nicholas County Sheriff Jeff Sidles in a 2016 interview.

That is until family members realized she never made it.

"Missing just in that short period of time. Within about 20, 30 minutes," said Graves.

Search efforts immediately kicked into full gear with no time to waste.

Feltz had a history mental and physical disabilities, and needed daily medicine for seizures.

But day after day passed, poster after poster.

Local law enforcement agencies called off their search parties.

And adrenaline turned to fear for family members left with dead-end searches, and unanswered questions.

"This is not only a frustrated group but a saddened group, and the not knowing I think is probably much, much worse," said Graves.

Between blades of Bluegrass, and gravel roads, hope returned to the family farm on Saturday.

Retired state police detective, now private investigator Clint Graves set out with an eager crew.

A search plan would either lead to a discovery, or let family members rule out the possibility that Lori was somewhere nearby.

"We are hoping today, for some type of closure. Or at least a piece of closure within the investigation," said Graves.

Kentucky State Police Post 6 out of Dry Ridge still has a Golden Alert issued for Feltz.

Anyone with information on her disappearance is asked to contact them at (859) 428-1212.