Father Jim Sichko reacts to Notre Dame Cathedral fire

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Father Jim Sichko of Christ the King Cathedral in Lexington has traveled to Paris twice to visit Notre Dame Cathedral.

French Ministry of the Interior/Twitter/MGN

But as the world-renowned cathedral burned on Monday afternoon, Father Jim said words could not express the loss and sadness he was feeling.

This week is Holy Week, and Father Jim said numerous services would have been held at Notre Dame Cathedral.

The thought of 12th-century architecture and art on fire inside was overwhelming.

"To be honest with you, not only shock but also extreme sadness," said Father Jim on the fire. "Sadness in the fact that this amazing historic structure--over 800-years-old-- up in flames."

Many Catholics worldwide will attend services every day this week to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Father Jim hopes something good will come of the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral.