Security checks, tipline part of Fayette Co. Schools superintendent safety plan

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - On Tuesday, Fayette County Schools Superintendent Manny Caulk sent a letter to parents at all schools highlighting a new approach to school safety.

On Monday, Caulk announced he wanted to see random metal detector checks at all five of Lexington's public high schools as soon as Monday.

On Tuesday, he talked about a five-prong approach to school safety:
Students, Families, Staff, Law Enforcement, and Community.

"School safety is everybody’s business," Caulk said. "Before we can meet our mission of helping all students achieve at high levels, we must first ensure that our school campuses are safe places for all students to learn."

Caulk said that random, suspicionless searches would start some time after Nov. 21, likely after Thanksgiving break. The search efforts will rotate randomly between each school and will not be announced ahead of time. The superintendent says they are not sure how much equipment they need to buy, but they will like purchase portable walk-through detectors and wands. Caulk says they want to have the capacity to screen all students at the various schools if needed.

Caulk says they will meet Thursday to lay out exact plans of how the searches will work. Leaders will discuss how students are selected to be screened or if the entire school will go through the screening on the day the security team is there.

The decision to increase security follows three separate incidents at Tates Creek High School. Since Nov. 2, three students have been arrested for having a gun on school property. In all three instances, the students told police they had the weapons because of situations outside of school.

A student also brought a BB gun to Bryan Station Middle School on Tuesday.

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