Fayette County Schools hold "family reunion" ahead of school year

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Fayette County Schools Superintendent Manny Caulk said he wanted a day out at the ballpark to set the tone for the 2016-2017 school year. It was a chance for people across the district, who don't get to see each other every day, to get together.

School district employees and their families came out to Whitaker Bank Ballpark for their second annual "family reunion". The kids' activities were free. Caulk spent time talking with people from across the district. Some met him for the first time.

"I often say we have the best family in Fayette County. We're going to prove that in the academic year, but that work begins today. Not employees, but family. That's what separates Fayette County Public Schools from the rest of the state or really nationally, is that we are family,"

Caulk's son, Sidney, threw out the first pitch for the Legends game happening at the ballpark.

Students go back to school August 10th.

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