Fayette County teachers represented in Frankfort without school closures

With just three full days left in this 2019 legislative session, Kentucky teachers are making their voices heard at the State Capitol Building.

Jefferson County Public Schools were closed Tuesday after hundreds of teachers called in sick to gather in Frankfort, but Fayette County Schools were open and in session. But that doesn’t mean Fayette County teachers weren’t represented at the Capitol today.

Multiple Fayette County teachers made their way to Frankfort today as part of a delegate system that sends teachers from different schools. 13 different Fayette County schools sent teachers to Frankfort today, according to Jessica Hiler of the Fayette County Education Association.

These teachers flocked to the Capitol in anticipation of movement on several proposed bills making their way through the legislature that could affect Kentucky educators. After a sewer bill quickly became a public employee pension bill during last year’s legislative session, many are wondering if Kentucky teachers trust lawmakers in these final days of the 2019 session.

“They move very quickly and just because a rule is in place it doesn't mean they will always follow it. We just do not trust the system right now. We are afraid for our students and we are afraid about what will happen to public education,” said Fayette County teacher Jennifer Laytham.

After a long caucus meeting Tuesday, Kentucky legislators moved through several bills, but none of the education related bills being eyed by the commonwealth’s teachers.

Lawmakers have Wednesday and Thursday left to work in this session, before a short break for Governor Bevin to veto any bills. Lawmakers will then return to the Capitol for their one remaining work day next week for any unfinished business and to attempt to override any vetoes they wish.

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