Featured film set to be videoed in Morehead

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - Morehead is in the spotlight of Hollywood as a featured film is being produced. The movie London Calling is set to film part of its movie in a 30 miles radius of the city and on Sunday producers and directors held auditions. Producers said anyone that wanted to audition could and hundreds of people showed up in hope to get a role.

One of those auditions was Brian Simmons and his daughter Shayla. Brian says he has been an actor for 16 years, first acting in school plays. Brian continued staring in on-stage roles and eventually made it into movies and tv shows.

"I did The Patriot much like the auditions here today with Mel Gibson, I've appeared on television shows and things like that," stated Brian Simmons who goes onto explain the excitement for Sunday's auditions, "This has truly been one of those meant to be moments. I can feel it, I can feel it and I think Shayla does too."

According to producers, London Calling is about British Businessman that launders money through the Petroleum Industry in the Appalachian region, which will be partially filmed in Morehead.

Brian Simmons, who is also a professional businessman, explained the impacts this movie will bring to Morehead, "The actors will be coming in, A-list actors for the filming, the crews. So, it's really going to boost the economy create a lot of jobs in the area and that's really key for Morehead and this southeastern Kentucky area."

Producers say that around 50 actors and staff will be moving to Morehead during its filming which is set to begin May 21st.

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