Featured milliner of Ky. Derby now making face masks in New York

Published: Apr. 8, 2020 at 3:17 PM EDT
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With continued calls from state and federal leaders for people to donate personal protective equipment, or PPE, many are stepping up and helping sew cloth masks for healthcare workers.

Those efforts to help now include a well-known New York milliner who many in the bluegrass known for her fanciful Derby hat designs.

In the wake of COVID-19, Christine A. Moore has traded in creating her big hats for now and instead is making protective masks.

Normally, the featured milliner of the Kentucky Derby, Moore would be hard at work this month creating hats, instead, she is staying healthy at home in her Queens, New York apartment.

"It's really very desolate for sure when you got to the grocery story you wait in line to get in, everybody is wearing a mask," said Christine A. Moore.

When the 2020 Kentucky Derby was postponed, and the immediate need for hats wasn't so important, Moore took stock of some supplies.

"We have a ton of cotton, we have wire for the nose pinch, we have elastic and we have ribbon," said Moore.

Instead of creating new hats, Moore has now turned her attention to something desperately needed, protective masks.

"It was really the panic of the nurses that made me think I've got to up this and I have to figure out how to get my staff involved," said Moore.

Moore came up with a pattern, and she and her staff working from their homes got to sewing.

They have cranked out 300 masks and she has one hope, to encourage others to do the same.

"But just to have people, inspire them to get that sewing machine out, get out your old fabric out and take care of your community," said Moore.

They say do what you know, Christine Moore is using her creativity to do her part in helping others.

"It's so fulfilling, we are waking up and making people feel safe and happy in our own little way," said Moore.

All of Moore's face masks are being donated directly to healthcare providers and professionals.

She has set up a

if you would like to help with shipping costs or supplies.

Moore says despite what is going on now, it gives her hope to think about looking forward to the other side of things, including Derby being held in September.

From a fashion standpoint, Moore says to expect a much different look in terms of colors and styles of hats.