Federal appeals court hears arguments on blocked Kentucky abortion law

Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 4:02 PM EST
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A Kentucky abortion law went before a federal court in Cincinnati Wednesday.

At the center of this case, HB 454.

The General Assembly passed the bill in 2018 limiting an abortion procedure known as dilation and extraction.

The law was blocked, prompting an appeal from then-governor Matt Bevin. That appeal was heard by the 6th Circuit US Court of Appeals.

Both sides were inside a federal courthouse there Wednesday for oral arguments.

ACLU representatives fighting the law say it would eliminate a common abortion procedure.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R-Ky) says it does not ban it but simply makes it more humane.

Critics of the bill say the lower court got it right the first time, while supporters pledge to keep fighting if they need to.

"The evidence showed that this law would jeopardize women's health, put women in danger, could lead to the outright loss of abortion access in Kentucky, and the court below got that right in blocking the law from taking effect," said Andrew Beck, ACLU.

Attorney General Cameron said, "Whether we win or lose today, we will defend the law all the way to the United States Supreme Court if that is necessary. That is my pledge to those that are behind me and those in the Commonwealth of Kentucky."

We don't know when the court will make a decision. It could be weeks or months.