Federal grand jury indicts 6 for human trafficking in Eastern, Southern Kentucky

The human trafficking charge comes with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment in Kentucky. (AP)
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LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - A federal grand jury has indicted multiple people in a human trafficking and drug trafficking operation.

The grand jury indicted Logan Ray Towery, Albert D. Davis, Mark Milslagle, Berdenia Johnston, James Martin, and David Pennington with conspiring to traffic a person and coerce them to engage in a commercial sex act.

The indictment says that happened from September 2015 to October 2019 in Whitley, Knox, Laurel, Rockcastle, Madison, and Fayette counties.

The charge comes with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Towery, Davis, Milslagle, Johnston, Martin, Gary L. Cupp, and Robert Taylor are all facing a charge of conspiring to traffic drugs during the same period.

The indictment lists the group had pills containing oxycodone and oxymorphone and a substance containing heroin.

Towery is accused of possessing a firearm to further the drug trafficking in Whitley, Knox, and Laurel counties.

Davis is also facing the same charge for a date in October 2019 in Knox County. Davis is also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

The indictment also has a long list of items and property that the federal government wants to be forfeited. That includes guns, ammo, money, and property belonging to Towery, Martin, Davis and Cupp.

Fourteen firearms, a quantity of assorted ammunition, more than $46,000 in cash, more than $53,000 in accounts, and two properties, one in London and one in Gray, Ky., are all listed in the forfeiture list.