Firetruck catches fire in Lexington fire station

Published: Jul. 17, 2017 at 6:47 AM EDT
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A Lexington firetruck is out of service after it caught fire early Monday morning.

Engine 21 was at the fire station on Mapleleaf Drive when firefighters said they heard a loud pop. It turns out a firetruck's engine caught on fire.

Firefighters were well equipped to put the fire out quickly.

"When they came out of the living area of the station, came out in the bay, they had smoke and flames visible," said Major Chris Harrod.

To replace a fire truck like the one damaged would cost the department around $750,000.

The damaged truck is close to 17 years old, which fire officials say is two years older than the 15-year average lifespan for a truck of its kind in Lexington.

Officials told WKYT that lifespan can be even shorter when trucks are used for medical calls when all ambulances are in use.