Firefighters participate in water rescue class during extreme cold

CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) Firefighters often train for any scenario that may come their way. On Tuesday, they gathered in Clark County to focus on the ice. With the cold weather, the risk of an ice-related incident on water rises.

"When the time comes, when it happens, we just want to be well trained and prepared for the moment," says Captain Steve Asbury.

Nine different counties attended the class. It focused on rescuing in a safe way while on the ice.

"Even for us as rescuers, we want to make sure that we use as much protection as possible and limit the exposure time for our rescuers," said Asbury.

Asbury says walking on ice creates extreme risks. He says they commonly hear about situations where someone has fallen through the ice because they thought it was thick enough to hold them.

"Don't think that this time is going to be exactly like the same as next time," said Asbury. "Just because you were able to walk out on it on this cold spell next time every instance is different."

The classes being held are completely dependent on the weather. He says if the extreme cold temperatures continue, they hope to hold another class.

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