Fireworks leading to another year of noise complaints in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- Firework vendors have been setting up in almost every parking lot and stocking up for the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations. Lexington Police and dispatchers also plan on racking up, but on complaint calls.

According to Lexington Police, in July of 2013 they answered 805 complaints in relation to fireworks. Those numbers have declined in year’s since to 266 in 2014, 388 in 2015, and 507 calls last year. Officers physically responded to 500 of those cases. This year, they responded to 60 complaints just on Sunday night.

Police say most of the noise complaints stem from people shooting off bigger fireworks, like mortars or artillery shots.

Although those type of larger fireworks are not allowed to be sold in Lexington, customers can still purchase those fireworks in surrounding counties.

Lexington resident Scott Ward and his family want to be a little more sensitive this year with their Independence Day celebrations.

“We’re just looking for something kind of small, colorful, maybe a little sizzle or a pop here and there but nothing that that will scare the cats and dogs around the neighborhood.”

Police do warn that anyone caught violating Lexington’s ordinance can face a fine up to $500 dollars.

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