First Baptist Church in Richmond Celebrates 175 years

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - A community comes together this weekend to celebrate 175 years of family. A congregation that formed in 1843, First Baptist Church in Richmond has been on the same plot of land for all these years.

Reverend Robert Blythe is the ninth pastor to serve here and says the church, started by slaves, provides a sense of community to the African American community and gives them a place to remember their history.

"You can't change the last 175 years, it is what it is." Blythe said.

The building has been rebuilt five times since the first pastor bought his own freedom in the eighteen hundreds. It started as a small log building and has never moved from the corner of Collins and Francis, evolving to what it is today. The church added an elevator and ramp, to accommodate their senior members, and made room for wheelchairs at the front of the sanctuary.

But it still holds onto its history. Chairs used in services every Sunday are nearly a hundred years old, as are the stained-glass windows. The Reverend said the church also plans to build a small tower next to the church to hang the historic bell.

A church that has seen generations come and go, celebrates the present, and now looks forward to what the future it has to offer.

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