First day of school kicks off at Brenda Cowan Elementary

Brenda Cowan Elementary School
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Nearly 20 districts began their school year Wednesday, among them new elementary school Brenda Cowan Elementary.

The school is the largest elementary ever built in Fayette County and teachers estimate 500 students will walk through the halls this year.

Teachers who talked with WKYT said the school staff is setting themselves apart from others by providing new opportunities for students.

“As the drama teacher, I saw the stage when I walked in and I thought this is an amazing space. Especially for an elementary school. It’s amazing to have these opportunities and these resources available to students,” said drama teacher Austin Vahle.

He is just one of five art teachers at the school. Students will participate in a variety of art-related classes and then be able to pursue them more through extracurricular activities.

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