Five police officers denied service at Louisville Taco Bell

Published: Aug. 23, 2016 at 10:38 PM EDT
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Five police officers say they were denied service at a Taco Bell in Louisville.

The Louisville Police Department says the officers went to the Taco Bell on Preston Highway for their lunch break. They say a man at the counter turned to other employees and said he wasn't taking their order and then walked away.

The officers say another employee walked toward the register to take the orders, but they say they then overheard a conversation between two employees making the food.

"One of these young men, told the other employee, 'I wanna mess with them. I wanna mess with them.' And then he followed that up by saying, 'I'm going to mess with them," Louisville FOP President Dave Mutchler said.

The police officers say they walked out of the restaurant at that point.

In a statement, both Taco Bell and the Louisville franchise owner said they have apologized to Louisville Police and directly to the five officers. The franchise owner says police made it clear that they didn't want any of the employees to be fired.

The owner said he plans to re-train staff at his Taco Bell.