Flash flooding impacts several areas of Rockcastle County

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BRODHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - Flash flooding caused major issues in Rockcastle County.

Downtown Brodhead is experiencing flooding that has caused damage to some building on Main Street (Photo: Angela Reighard/WKYT)

Brodhead was one of the hardest hit areas. Emergency management officials say four inches of rain fell within two hours, flooding many roads, homes, and businesses.

On Thursday, officials had to shut down West Main Street, saying it was so flooded it looked like a river. Water gushed over the pavement, up over sidewalks, and into nearby businesses.

People in the area are spending their Friday cleaning up the damage. Officials say Main Street has reopened but some areas may still be flooded. They advise drivers to use caution and come to stop if they see a roadblock.

“We, as a people, try to go around those roadblocks and did go around those roadblocks. Those roads are blocked for a reason,” says Emergency Management official, Bryan Bussell. “That is to keep traffic off of it because we feel it’s too dangerous to travel. As long as you stay on the right side of that roadblock, we can help you. But if you go around it and get in that water, we can’t guarantee we can get you.”

WKYT weather watcher Jordan Smith tweeted photos of flooding on KY 1505 in Brodhead. The road was impassable on certain stretches, and water could be seen reaching nearly halfway up some parked vehicles.

A house in Mt. Vernon was surrounded by floodwaters on Freedom School Road.

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for portions of the county because of prolonged heavy rains.

Crews also rescued a dog stuck in a kennel surrounded by water.

Right now emergency management crews are driving through some of the hardest hit areas in Brodhead assessing the damage.

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