Flooding causes boil water advisory in Paris

High water has caused some issues in Paris as customers of the city's water utility are under a boil water advisory.

The water issues are especially affecting local businesses-- at Jerry's Restaurant, that meant more open parking spots at lunch time and a little less jingle to the doorbell.

"I hate that it happened, but I wouldn't want our customers to get sick either," said Barry Sargent, general manager of Jerry's.

Sargent says they found out about the advisory around 11 and decided to shut down for an hour and a half to get things squared away.

"We had to turn away quite a few customers at lunch," Sargent said. "Had a lot of customers coming in and out of the parking lot."

City leaders say they issued the boil water advisory as a precaution after flood waters got into the treatment facility and caused cloudiness in the tanks.

The city manager tells WKYT the boil water advisory should be lifted by tomorrow afternoon.

At Jerry's, that can't come soon enough. Because for now, they have a sign up that says no coffee, no fountain drinks, no tea and no ice. Instead, they have to serve canned soda and bottled water.

"I hope our customers understand," Sargent said. "We're not being able to use the crushed ice they love, they're having to drink out of a can. I'm hoping everybody understands that."

They also had to throw away some of the produce they'd already prepared. While there are some things they can't use, they are still able to do a lot of what they do. It just takes more work and more preparation ahead of time.

"Like they say, it's better safe than sorry," Sargent said.

And they're already planning ahead to make sure they can have coffee and tea in the morning.

Sargent says he's also glad they can continue using their dishwasher because of the high temperatures and sanitizers it uses.