Former Kentucky pastor picking up pieces of Texas church

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HUMBLE, Tx. (WKYT)- A former Kentucky pastor is now picking up the pieces of his Texas church after flood waters destroyed much of the property.

A major cleanup is underway at the First Baptist Church in Humble, Texas. The church held two feet of water in the facility. Now Pastor Barry Jeffries is reminding people their loss is just stuff and to look at the big picture instead.

Before pastoring in Texas, Jeffries was a pastor at a church in Gerrard County.

After the flooding, he decided that the church would not be just a victim and decided to make it a hub for help. The church is now a drop-off point for supplies from multiple states including Kentucky.

A truck full of supplies from Lincoln County is expected to arrive Monday night, dropping off pet food, diapers, wipes and other needed items.

Jeffries says what his fellow Kentuckians are doing for Texas is amazing.

"Thank you, to the folks in Lexington, Lancaster, Danville, just want to say thank you for your prayers, the way you are sending prayers and resources," says Jeffries.

The church services a congregation of more than 1800 people. Many of the member's homes are damaged as well.

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