Former UK women’s basketball player gets a second chance at life

Published: Dec. 25, 2017 at 10:59 AM EST
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On this Christmas Day, we know many of you give time as volunteers in your respective communities. We wish we could recognize each one of you. But we want you to meet a Lexington woman who turned a giant setback... into a great comeback!

On a December Sunday morning, the choir can be heard from outside church.

On closer inspection, in the very back of the choir, you can see it in her face, and hear it in her voice. It's the passion of her conviction, her love of God, and a second chance at life.

Tayna Fogle says, "There's so many times I could have died, should have died, but I didn't. And its for such a time as this, to help the least of these."

Fogle has lived in the desperation of "the least of these."

She says, "What I call it... is getting off the Yellow Brick Road."

Many years ago, Fogle was sentenced to ten-years in prison after becoming addicted to crack cocaine.

Fogle: "And my life turned upside down, and then God saw it fit to give me another chance."

Sam Dick: "Was that the low of the lows?"

Fogle: "It was the lows of the lows."

She'd fallen a long way from her days at UK: team captain of the 1981-82 Lady Kats... as the women's basketball team was known back then. Prison humbled her, and she vowed to help the "least of these"...addicts in recovery, the homeless, and people getting out of prison.

Fogle says, "The difficulties I went thru, serving out a 10-year prison sentence, I get to give back freely. What God has truly given to me..."

She's is making up for lost time at warp speed. "The least of the least of these, those with crimes that will not allow them housing, nor employment, so a program called Destined 4 Destiny, for men and now for women."

Sam asked, "How many different things are you involved in as a volunteer?"

She barely hid a giant laugh.

"Not only this church, but two other churches. Shiloh and Total Grace."

"Of course my family, the recovery world so that's a whole big chunk."

She's a mother, grandmother, and steady force for her friends.

Father Norman Fisher of St. Peter Claver in Lexington knows Fogle well.

Father Norman says, "She's sharing on so many levels. It's like she's one ripple that keeps going and going and going."

Fogle is squeezing in as much as she can. In the end she gives all the credit for her comeback to God.

"I feel his love, I feel his redemption. I feel his comeback. You know my setback was a setup for my comeback."