Former UK student sentenced to prison for social media threats to campus

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A former University of Kentucky student will spend time in prison following social media threats made toward campus.

File, Woodford County Detention Center

Haily Duvall, 20, was sentenced to six months in prison and six months in home incarceration in federal court on Tuesday after pleading guilty.

Duvall will have to report to prison Dec. 2, and she will also be fined $1,800. She will be on probation for two years and six months following home incarceration.

The former student originally faced 15 counts related to the social media threats in November 2018.

Prosecutors say Duvall used Snapchat to disseminate on-campus threats to other students. She would later give an interview to WKYT about the threats just hours before police arrested her.

“Using the internet to make threatening communications, even if those threats are a hoax, is a serious criminal offense. The defendant’s actions were not harmless. She caused law enforcement to needlessly respond to her hoax, potentially taking them away from real emergencies, and substantially disrupted activities at the University of Kentucky and the campus area,” said United States Attorney Robert M. Duncan, Jr. “Prosecution of these hoax cases should serve notice that this conduct is unacceptable, and hopefully, it will deter others from engaging in similar behavior.”

Federal and local authorities were able to file emergency disclosure requests to get the IP address used to create the snaps. That information led investigators to a Spectrum account registered to Duvall.

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