Former clients and attorneys now representing them relieved following arrest of Conn

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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Eric Conn operated his law firm in Floyd County for several years. It is the place hundreds of folks from the region went to for help. Those same people are now thrilled Conn is back in custody.

"I asked other people, who is a good attorney, and they said Eric C. Conn," said Bryan Hall.

Hall is one of the thousands who over the years went to Conn's once-booming law firm off of U.S. 23 in Floyd County. Hall needed help in receiving disability benefits after a doctor told him he could no longer work. Hall like many other of Conn's former clients never personally met the once self-proclaimed "Mr. Social Security." Hall like many others had to go through a process of hearings to show he needed his benefits following Conn's downfall.

"It ain't my fault he done that. I did not know nothing about that."

Ned Pillersdorf has helped represent those former clients; 800 of which have lost their benefits.

"He has been a national embarrassment to the people I care dearly about, these local folks who are trying to keep their benefits."

Pillersdorf says just before Conn went on the run a $31 million settlement was entered in Floyd Circuit Court against Conn for legal malpractice.

"We have not collected a penny of the 31 million. Now that Conn has been captured we might have an opportunity. Conn was known to hoard loads of cash."

Pillersdorf says most importantly he hopes Conn's capture helps the hundreds of clients who lost benefits close a chapter in their lives.

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