Frankfort leaders talk about Capital Plaza demolition plans

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Less than two months away from the demolition of the Capital Plaza Tower in Frankfort, Wednesday city officials spoke about how they're planning for when the tower comes down.

The governor's office announced the tower will be leveled Sunday March 11.

The 28-story building will be demolished through a controlled implosion. For years the tower housed government offices and agencies like the Kentucky Department of Education.

Crews have already started tearing down the nearby Frankfort Convention Center. It's all part of a redevelopment project expected to be finished by 2020.

City manager Cindy Steinhauser says Frankfort leaders are working out the logistics with state officials, making sure everyone stays safe during the demolition.

"The reality is we're talking about explosives and while it's controlled and contained and they have a very, very reputable firm that does this all over the country things do happen and what we need to be focused on is safety of people that need to be there and encourage people there by option to consider other alternatives to viewing it," Steinhauser said.

Officials with the Finance and Administration Cabinet say the buildings had to come down because they cost too much to maintain and have safety issues.

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