Frankfort restaurant damaged by fire, water

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - A restaurant in Frankfort has significant water damage after a fire Sunday morning.

Officials say the fire at Cattleman's Roadhouse, located off Versailles Road in the Parkside shopping center, started in the restaurant's dumpster.

Firefighters say someone driving by noticed the flames and called 911. Crews arrived five minutes after the initial call, but the fire had already spread to the back of the building and attic.

Sprinklers in the building kept the fire from causing major damage, but owner Bill Hisle says there is still significant water damage.

"We are going to have to re-do the drop ceiling in the restaurant and the rubber roof on the kitchen and the roof on the back of the building. We will be closed 2-3 weeks minimally," Hisle explained.

Hisle also tells WKYT, employees often smoke in the back of the restaurant, near the dumpster. He believes that a discarded cigarette may have sparked the blaze.

"Unfortunately we think it might have been an employee smoking and throwing it into the dumpster or the linen bin and it sat there and smoldered."

Many employees still showed up to work at Cattleman's Sunday morning.

"They are all so upset. Hopefully we can let them help us clean up a little bit and maybe we can let them work in some of our other Cattleman's. We really don't want to lose our employees."

Thankfully no one was inside the restaurant when the fire started. Fire officials tells us the fire is still under investigation.

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