Frankfort store owners happy to have customers back in their shop

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) – For the first time in almost two months, people can shop again.

Photo: WKYT/Phil Pendleton

One Frankfort shop never closed completely, but the owners are thrilled to once again allow people back inside their unique downtown store.

Completely Kentucky stayed open with limited curbside and delivery services, but they say with in-person shopping allowed, it’s good news for them, the artists whose items are displayed inside, and all of the customers who patronize the store.

Owner Ann Wingrove said it was very hard for them to close in March but she completely understands why it was necessary.

“My background is science, and I understand biology, and I understand statistics, and you have to stop the spread of it," says Wingrove. "To get a handle on it and how to manage it, because that is all we are going to do is manage it.”

Retail establishments have to follow several new rules – they are asking people not to touch anything unless they are sure they are going to purchase it, there are hand sanitizing stations and masks are required for workers, and shoppers will be asked to wear them. In fact, masks are among the items sold at the store.

The owners say they did not promote their re-opening, and say they are calling it a ‘soft opening’ as they gradually work their way back to some kind of normalcy.