Frankfort students help classmate overcome stage fright and perform

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Everyone who walks the halls at Frankfort High School knows Danielle Wilhoite.

"She's very bright for sure. She has a big personality. She loves anybody and everybody," her fellow students said of her.

"In the lunchroom or the hallway, she is always running up and hugging friends. She is just a huge part of the school here," said Tyler Reed who is a Special Education teacher.

Reed is one of Danielle's teachers. He says when the high school senior isn't busy doing school her work, you can usually catch her singing.

"She is always wanting to do concerts. She is always wanting to dance in class," Reed said. "We work for reinforcements, and that's always her reinforcement to have access to the computers because she loves singing karaoke-style."

When the opportunity came about recently to perform during the school's Air Band Competition, Danielle decided to to take part. Several groups get in front of the student body at the end of the first week of school to perform. Last year, Danielle got stage fright and didn't take the stage. This year's concert theme was "Rise Up, " and Danielle chose to sing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus.

When she got on stage, Danielle's nerves took over. But then her friends Tony and Jazmine took the stage to help calm her nerves. Eventually, Danielle stole the show, even getting the crowd to sing along.

Principal John Lyon said it was a moment he was happy to witness. "With everybody on their feet, everybody singing, waving their phones with the lights on; It was a really amazing experience," he described.

Danielle was the winner of the Air Band Competition.

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