Franklin County Schools implementing aspects of state school safety law

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - One Kentucky school district is being proactive in implementing portions of the state's new school safety law.

Franklin County is a school district implementing portions of the new state security law. (Photo: WKYT)

While there is no funding for the School Safety and Resiliency Act at the state level, Franklin County Schools have already made changes that will go in line with some of the measures listed in the law.

"In my first few years of teaching we never really considered that anything could happen on that scale," Superintendent Mark Kopp said. "It definitely is different now."

Kopp is talking about the multiple tragedies that have occurred at schools in recent years. While there is no deadline for school districts to adhere to the law in the 2019-20 school year, Franklin County decided to go ahead and take steps.

"We have some new protocols that go along with when visitors come to the school, even me when I visit a school," Kopp said.

In Franklin County, every visitor is required to identify his or herself through a video buzzer system. Once inside, they have to show photo identification before signing in and signing out.

The new law ranges from facility requirements to staffing, and school leaders decided to go ahead get ahead of the curve. The school board approved the creation of four additional guidance counselor positions, which will help the district get to the required mandate of one counselor for every 250 students.

Franklin County Schools is also adding seven behavior interventionists in 2019.

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