Franklin County prepares for possible power outages and flash floods

As Franklin County braces for overnight flooding, heavy rain drenched the area on Saturday.

At this point, no home evacuations are expected, but that doesn't mean emergency crews won't stay busy in the upcoming hours.

Stranded drivers and power outages are big concerns for emergency crews in Frankfort.

"The river hasn't flooded here in Franklin County, in probably three or four years now, so I don't want to jinx anybody but we're probably due," said Emergency Management Director Tom Russell.

Our WKYT crew spotted fast moving flood water on Elkhorn Creek on Saturday. Torrential down-pours added more to the the swollen creek while we were there.

"For the predicted rains that we're supposed to get this afternoon and tonight, it will probably come back up. And you can see the debris line behind me, where the water was and where it has gone down to now," said Russell.

He explains that the temporary relief is just that, as water is expected to creep back up the bank Saturday night.

"The biggest concern is the rain is going to come down in a pretty short period of time with some thunder storms," said Russell.

While many homes line Elkhorn Creek, no evacuations are expected.

"It actually would have to go up another two feet, above where it was yesterday, before [we would] have too many concerns about houses," he said.

Still, water-rescue crews are standing by as the county braces for power outages and stranded drivers.

"Tonight it will be flash flooding issues, water running over roads. People driving into the water," said Russell, "It's going to be a night time event. Which is more difficult for people to see the water in the roads."