Frequent fires in Kentucky area are alarming authorities

Investigators say the fires started on July 9. Two people were seen in a truck at the site of the fires.
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UTICA, Ky. (AP) - A string of fires in a Kentucky neighborhood has left authorities wondering if they're all related.

News outlets report four fires in the past week have occurred in the Pleasant Ridge area and three of the fires were caused by arson. The origin of the fourth fire is difficult to determine because the home was heavily damaged.

Daviess County Sheriff's Maj. Bill Thompson says bottles filled with an "accelerant believed to be gasoline," were found at two of the homes. He says the homeowners were there in the three of the fires, which Maj. Barry Smith says is unusual.

Thompson says three of the homes are "a stone's throw" away from each other.

Daviess is continuing to investigate the cases with the Kentucky State Police.

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