Coworkers remember 'caring, talented' chef killed in Lexington crash

Published: Jul. 5, 2017 at 10:33 PM EDT
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Staff at Lexington Country Club went back to work on Wednesday, just like any other day. But this time it was far from business as usual.

Robert Myers, the club's executive chef, was supposed to have been there, as well. Instead, his co-workers - especially the rest of the tight-knit crew in the kitchen - went to work grieving his loss.

"I can't stress that enough, I can't express it enough," said Chloe Dykes, who works in the kitchen as a pastry chef. "He cared so much about us."

Police say Myers, 56, died Tuesday night in

. Myers was driving home from work.

Myers was the executive chef at Lexington Country Club for almost three years. His colleagues told WKYT's Garrett Wymer that Myers was passionate, dedicated and hard-working. They said he was a great chef, and an even better person.

"You know, he was just such a good guy. He really was. One of those people there just aren't enough of," said Adam Johnson, the club's director of operations. "He really did touch a lot of lives, whether it was here at the club or out in the community."

Kitchen staff members put flowers and candles at Chef Robert Myers' spot on Wednesday to honor him. They said Myers worked hard, and put his employees first. They said it meant a lot to them knowing he always had their backs.

"He embodied perfectly what it means to care about your career, care about your family, care about who's around you, and embrace them and do well for them," Dykes said.

Dykes said it was a tough day for them, but there was still work to do - still food to put on the table - so they kept going. After all, she said that is what Chef would have wanted them to do. Now, she said they will keep trying to live up to the high standards he set for them, and try to make him proud with every plate.

Myers was featured in a

about the salt-risen bread business he ran out of his home. That article, framed, hung on the wall of Myers' office inside the club kitchen. His coworkers said he was proud of the work he did to bake the bread, something they said was a family effort.

Friends said Myers leaves behind a wife, eight children, and one grandchild on the way. Dykes said Myers often told stories about his family, and it was obvious he loved them and was proud of them.

Myers lived in Perryville.

is handling funeral arrangements. As of Wednesday night, final arrangements for Myers had not yet been posted online.