Friends hold vigil for Lexington homicide victim Trevor Dilger

Published: Sep. 11, 2016 at 10:31 PM EDT
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One week after police found his body in the back of a burned car, friends of Trevor Dilger are honoring him. Sunday dozens attended a vigil for Dilger in Lexington.

Police found the 24-year-old's body on a road just off Old Frankfort Pike last Sunday night.

"He's my brother. He'll always be my brother," Ryan Feck, a friend, said.

Just this weekend they heard what they didn't want to be true; that a burning car found one week ago had their friend, Trevor Dilger, inside.

Christian Allen said, "Everybody just felt a sense of hope, that it wasn't going to be him, that he was going to comment on something on Facebook and say 'I'm here. Y'all are crazy'. That's just who he was."

Sunday friends lit candles and stood together to remember their buddy. It was an emotional night, but they couldn't help but crack a smile talking about the guy they knew as "Dilly".

"Since middle school I've known him. We were always good buddies and then I joined the military about four years before he did and then he kept talking to me about it and asking me about it and I finally convinced him to do it and he loved it when he was in it. He absolutely loved the military," Feck said.

The idea for tonight's vigil started out on a Facebook post. It got a ton of shares and friends tell us they're so excited to see this many people come out to support their friend.

"Everybody here played an influence in Trevor's life, outside of school or in school," Allen said.

"This to me is everything," Feck said. "This is what I think we need more of, people coming together and speaking to one another and just being there for one another."

Friends say there's not much they can do going forward. They're just holding onto the good times.

"I love you Dilly and I'll see him another time one day."

The coroner still hasn't released Dilger's cause of death.