From Lexington to Massachussets: How one couple is receiving mysterious Amazon packages

Photo: Christina Crea / Northwest Guardian
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ACTON, Mass. (WKYT) - A Massachusetts couple says it keeps receiving items that they did not order from Amazon.

The couple, Michael and Kelly Gallivan from Acton, tells CBS they believe are being targeted in what appears to be an international scam.

The products the Gallivans receive are made in China, and they began showing up on their doorstep in October.

“I’m like ‘what did you buy this for’ and he said ‘I didn’t buy it,’” Kelly Gallivan told CBS.

Eventually, they called Amazon and found out some Chinese companies will send items to unsuspecting people in order to provide positive reviews. The Gallivans received everything from an outdoor TV cover to a phone charger that doubles as a hand warmer.

USA Today reported the couple had no clue who was sending them the items, but the only address on the boxes traces back to the Lexington distribution center.

Amazon released a statement to CBS saying the company investigates cases where consumers receive unwanted packages, and it will remove any sellers who violate company policy.

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