Garrard County community reacts to Savannah Spurlock's discovery

Published: Jul. 11, 2019 at 7:33 PM EDT
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Family, friends, and members of the community have asked this question many times: Where is Savannah Spurlock?

They finally have an answer.

Thursday, police discovered her body at a Garrard County home on Fall Lick Road.

"I always said from day one, somebody who lived in that house where she was last seen had to know what happened to Savannah Spurlock," said Salvatore Grasso, a private investigator. The Spurlock family hired him two weeks ago to assist in the search for Savannah.

The Richmond mother of four went missing in January. Her disappearance has weighed heavily on the hearts of many.

"My heart breaks for the family. Now her mother can have some closure," said Gerline Gilliam, who lives in Garrard County.

"She doesn't have to look and wonder everyday, 'Are we going to find her?'"

Police say Savannah was last seen leaving The Other Bar in Lexington with three men.Thursday, they arrested one of the men, David Sparks.

Police confirmed he lives at the home where Savannah's body was buried.

"To say that it was on the parents' property was a complete shock to me more than anything because that property had been searched and nothing had come up at that time," said Kim Gipson, a volunteer who assisted in the search.

Gipson had set up mailboxes around Garrard County hoping someone would come forward.

"I would be terrified to tell anybody. I thought if I had a place where I could drop something off, and it not be seen by cameras or taken to the police, I would do it," said Gipson.

She found tips inside the boxes, but none led to Thursday's discovery.

However, Gipson hopes the family can finally have peace.

"We've waited for six months, now we'll wait for justice," said Gipson.

Although Grasso's work is over, he plans to help Savannah's family in any way that he can.

"Just visit the family, try to support them and be with them if they have any questions," said Grasso.

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