Garrard County sinkhole reopens feet from home, road

Published: May. 14, 2016 at 9:27 PM EDT
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Just a day after being filled in a massive sinkhole in central Kentucky has re-opened.

Tenants of the Garrard County home shocked after a gaping hole appeared out in their front yard.

"They said we don't want to give up our home. We just don't want to give up our home," Harlan Bratton, property owner, said. "I've owned this property here for about five years and I've never seen anything dangerous here until here Wednesday afternoon."

Wednesday afternoon a large sinkhole consumed the front yard just feet from the home and feet from Fork Church Road.

"I looked over the edge and threw a rock over; directly it hits the bottom and kerplunk, the water. There was water down there. I mean it's frightening to look down that long hole."

Friday county officials filled the hole, truck load after truck load. Bratton says they got the job done and it appeared all was good. That was until his phone rang Saturday morning. The yard once again gave way.

"Something's gonna have to be done one way or another. I mean, it's just bad," he said.

It's definitely a talking point for anyone that drives by the home, and that's what the homeowner is most concerned about: the road. He says the sinkhole hasn't moved toward the home.

"We've been gaging by that little water pipe over there. It hasn't changed any. It's just like it was," Bratton said.

County officials told WKYT, Friday, if the sinkhole continues to move toward the road it will be gone, too.

Bratton contacted officials on Saturday. He says they're waiting to see how the hole changes over the next day before making any moves.

"So, Monday morning's a new start. It's a new start."

Neighbors nearby said they're scared to drive down that stretch of roadway until the issue is fixed.