Gas prices rise in Kentucky as holiday travel begins

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Gas prices in Kentucky are on the rise. According to Gas Buddy, the average price of gas in Kentucky is $2.29. WKYT found gas prices as high as $2.45 at stations on Man O' War Boulevard and Winchester Road in Lexington. AAA says the national average for gas this month has been around $2.47. That's 28 cents more than last December. The agency expects prices to drop a little by year's end.

The rise in prices comes as many people prepare to hit the road for their Christmas destinations. AAA estimates 107.3 million Americans will be on the move between Thursday, December 21 and Monday, January 1. 97.4 million of them will be driving. The number is up 3% from last year. AAA says the most congested days on the roads will be Wednesday, December 20 and Thursday, December 21. They say it will be a mix of people leaving work early and holiday travelers beginning their trips. The worst time to travel will be in the late afternoon and early evening in many cities.

If you're going to be traveling through multiple states, Gas Buddy recommends you check prices near state lines. WKYT's Victor Puente talked to a driver who is traveling from Tennessee to Indianapolis and he says he's been doing just that.

"I told my wife, I noticed a while ago around Winchester diesel prices was $2.80 plus a gallon and I went woo, that’s a lot," said Richard Montgomery.

6.4 million people are expected to fly somewhere for Christmas or the New Year. That's a 4.1% increase from last year. The good news for fliers is that airfares are 20% cheaper than last year. Hotels are also cheaper, but if you have to rent a car you can expect to pay about 11% more than last year.

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