Georgetown Board attorney explains why flag request was denied

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - The attorney for Georgetown Board of Adjustments explains why a request from a new business to display a giant American flag was denied.

Photo from Marcus Lemonis, Camping World CEO

Attorney Charles Perkins says both the flag and its flagpole proposed by Camping World would violate city ordinances.

Perkins says the company asked for approval for a 130-foot flagpole with a 3,200 square-foot flag. He says the flag would be 100-times larger than what's allowed in Georgetown under city ordinance.

Officials say the flag would essentially be a second interstate sign for the company.

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis says he'll fly the flag instead of having a sign. The city says that's fine, but it must follow zoning laws. If not, they'll need to apply for another special permit.

Matt Summers, a member of the Board of Adjustments, says, "As part of the sign ordinancel we would allow them as many American flags, or flags of any kind for that matter, ... as long as they meet the size and height requirements."

The flag issue is expected to be brought up again at the next Georgetown city council meeting on Monday.

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