Georgetown bar opens the same day as restaurants by serving hot dogs

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Restaurants across Kentucky can begin reopening Friday with restrictions and some strict guidelines.

Slainte Public House in Georgetown opened its doors for the first time in 67 days. Restaurants can reopen in KY starting Friday, but thanks to hot dogs, this pub is ready for business. (WKYT)

Bars are another story, but, early Friday morning, customers in Georgetown celebrated the opening of one of their favorite spots.

The lights were on at Slainte Public House in Georgetown at 6 a.m. and by 6:30, there were already a few people inside, enjoying a beer, some food and hope.

"Slainte is one of our favorite places here in town," said customer Bill Waller.

Waller and his wife stopped in for a couple of beers and a new item, a hot dog.

"We were very excited," Waller said. "We thought that since we were a bar and they typically didn't serve food they would be one of the latest to come on board, but when they announced that if they served hot dogs to us they could open up the same time as the restaurants, and we wanted to be one of the first ones here."

Matt Nunn runs Slainte, he says Friday is a big day.

"Just to see people. There's a lot of people we haven't seen for 67 days. Seeing their faces come in and seeing them interact and engage with each other is great to see," Nunn said. "That's why we opened this place is that community aspect so we're happy to see that back."

For the Wallers it's not just about getting a beer and a hot dog at one of their favorite places, it's about what this means moving forward.

"We've got a lot of optimism now. I mean we canceled a vacation, we held off on a lot of different activities, we've done all the social distancing, stayed away from her elderly parents and my elderly parents and families, and so we need to bring all of this back together here," Waller said.

It's a step forward. A step toward a new normal and, for Nunn, it might just be an example for the rest of Kentucky.

"It's a lot of emotions. It's encouraging but it really gives us hope. It gives us hope about the business sure, we're now confident that moving forward that we're going to be okay," Nunn said. "But it gives us hope about our community and about the commonwealth that things are starting to get back to normal again, so people can start getting into their routines, interacting and engaging which is important for mental health, and we can get our economy flowing again."

Governor Beshear did have some good news for other bar owners in Kentucky, he moved their official opening date up from to June 29 from July 1.