Georgetown family's fight against mitochondrial disease

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - It's Mitochondrial Awareness Week, and a Georgetown family is doing what they can to help educate and put up a fight against the disease.

Painting is one of many activities 8-year-old Arabella Prater loves to do. Sunday she used her paintbrush to send an important message, to raise awareness. The little warrior is battling the progressive disease.

"Every 30 minutes there is a kid born that will be diagnosed before the age of 10," Arabella's mother, Tiffany Prater said.

Tiffany has started up a campaign with seven other families across the country. They are getting the word out by asking people to take a photo and use the #TogetherWeFightMito.

"We are asking everyone to donate a dollar to a fund that the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation has set up specifically for research to go towards general Mitochondrial disease treatments," Prater said.

WKYT introduced you to the Prater family several months ago. They have been raising money for a van to help transport Arabella's power wheelchair.

Tiffany says between grants and donations, they are over half way to their goal, but are still in need of almost $19,000.

The power wheelchair helps Arabella save energy and allows her to enjoy being a kid.

"She can go apple picking in her chair because it will elevate her up to where she can actually reach the apples. She can also walk through the pumpkin patch without having to be carried. She has gotten so much bigger that it will be hard to carry her through them this year," Prater said.

Tiffany says it's nice having the support of other Mito families.

"For 5 years we have been trying to get together because our daughters Mitochondrial disease is so similar," friend Jennifer Stephens said.

It took Hurricane Irma to bring the two together. Jennifer Stephens and her daughter Kenna made an unexpected trip to Kentucky after having to evacuate their home.

"I mean without having her and the couple of other families, it would be almost non-bearable," Stephens said.

Support, love, and hope. All things Tiffany and Jennifer have while fighting for their children.

If you would like to help raise awareness or donate, just visit

If you would like to donate to the Prater family visit, or

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