Golf courses taking safety precautions to counter COVID-19 outbreak

Published: Mar. 21, 2020 at 5:34 PM EDT
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Area golf courses in Kentucky are doing their part to ensure the safety of their patrons as the outbreak of COVID-19 continues.

"Health and safety are our number one goals and our only priority at this point," said Greenbrier club manager Kelly Williams. "We have done a lot of creative things. We are limiting folks to one per golf cart. We are sanitizing everything they could possibly come in contact with."

"Maybe the most interesting thing is we raised the cup liners an inch above the ground," said Williams. "The ball doesn't go into the hole. There is no reason to touch the flag stick. Your ball is considered holed when it hits the cup liner to keep everybody safe and healthy."

Many of those safety recommendations are coming from Golf House Kentucky. Jeff Adkerson is their executive director and said that golf, with safety in mind, can still serve as a much-needed escape.

"Golf is a great way to get outdoors and get exercise and get fresh air and spend time with family," said Adkerson. "Maybe reconnect with some friends you haven't been able to see in a couple of days and maintain that safety barrier the CDC is outlining."

Jeff added that as long as courses continue to meet CDC guidelines, they can stay open. That is welcome news to places like Greenbrier bracing for a financial impact.

"We are encouraging people to be here," said Williams. "We believe it's safe. We have been told by the governor's office we are allowed to do this and encouraged to do this up to this point. We are going to minimize that risk and hopefully financially gain from it as well."

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