Good Question | Why does WKYT's Bill Bryant appear in a campaign ad?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With campaign ads for the 6th congressional race taking to the airwaves, many of you asked why a clip of WKYT's Bill Bryant appears in a commercial for Republican Rep. Andy Barr.

"We are not allowed to censor these advertisements or the content of their ads," said Mike Jones, director of national political sales for WKYT parent company Gray Television.

In the clip from WKYT's "Kentucky Newsmakers," Bryant asked Democratic nominee Amy McGrath about whether she supports building a wall along the Mexican border to slow illegal immigration.

"No, I think it's absolutely stupid," McGrath responded during the WKYT interview program.

Political campaigns are allowed to use such clips because of the "fair use" provision in U.S. copyright law. Section 107 makes it legal for groups to use portions of copyrighted material, such as WKYT's newscasts, without having to get permission.

"So in this case, our news set and anchors appear in the advertisement. There is nothing that we as broadcasters can do about that," Jones said.

The Federal Communications Commission also requires broadcasters to run political ads from candidates running for all federal offices, such as the 6th Congressional district which covers most of central Kentucky.

"Broadcast stations cannot turn them away. We must give them equal opportunities and equal access," Jones said. "In essence, stations are required by law -- federal law -- to air these advertisements."

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