Gov. Beshear apologizes to Tupac Shakur over unemployment claim

Published: Apr. 28, 2020 at 2:17 PM EDT
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Governor Beshear has apologized to a Kentucky resident after comments he made during his Monday press conference.

Gov. Beshear said Monday someone in Kentucky applied for unemployment benefits for Tupac Shakur. The same name as a

"One person, who thought they were funny, is going to make tens of thousands of other people wait. Not OK. We can't be doing that," the governor said.

The governor's office said Gov. Beshear was advised that a fraudulent claim had been filed in the name of Tupac Shakur. They say it now appears that a Kentuckian by that name has filed a claim.

Gov. Beshear says he called Shakur Tuesday morning to apologize and that the Office of Unemployment Insurance is working to resolve the claim.

"We have a Kentuckian, who goes by Malik, whose name is Tupac Shakur. I talked to him on the phone today. I apologized. I told him how it happened, but I owned it. It's my fault. He was gracious. I said I'm sorry if I embarrassed him or caused him any attention he didn't want. He was very kind. He ended the call, 'God bless.' And we're gonna make sure we resolve his claim," said Gov. Beshear.