Gov. Beshear comments on House passing medical marijuana bill

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Gov. Andy Beshear commented Friday morning on the passage of the medical marijuana bill by the full House.


The House passed House Bill 136 Thursday in a 65 to 30 vote.

Friday morning, Gov. Beshear said:

Medical marijuana has now passed the House. This is a major step. I support medicinal marijuana. Specifically, for people who are suffering from chronic pain. Right now, what happens is their medicine cabinets are stocked with opioids, and I think a lot of the research says that people plateau on whether or not they're even effective over time. What that means, is we're not getting people the pain management they need, and instead, we are just pumping this state full of highly addictive medication. As it moves to the Senate, we haven't heard a lot out of them, about where it is, but I'll certainly do what I can. We'll also be chiming in on different ways we think that we can manage what would come out of legislation through state government. Because right now, we're in this legislative process, but when they go home, it's my job to make sure that we effectively put those laws into place. For me, that would be a system that has controls to where it is only prescribed as medication. Where we know that what's being used is safe and well-regulated and that we set up systems to ensure that we are protecting the public and doing it well. That will be my obligation, and we are ready to step up and do that.

If HB 136 becomes law, it would establish restrictions on who can have medical marijuana and determine where it can be used.

The bill now goes to the Senate.