Gov. Bevin attacks Andy Beshear following rival's campaign announcement

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - It did not take long for Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin to call out his chief political rival Andy Beshear following the attorney general's announcement he was running for governor.

Attorney General Andy Beshear (left) and Gov. Matt Bevin (right)

Bevin tweeted a news article about Tim Longmeyer, who is serving a 70-month prison sentence for a kickback scheme involving the state's employee health insurance plan. Longmeyer served as personnel secretary during Steve Beshear's gubernatorial administration before moving to Andy Beshear's office when he was elected attorney general.

"For those Kentuckians who did not get enough corruption, self-dealing, embezzlement and bribery during the 8 corrupt years of Governor Steve Beshear, his son, Andy, is now offering a chance for 4 more years of the same," Bevin tweeted Monday.

Authorities have never accused the Beshears of knowing about Longmeyer's illegal actions.

Gov. Bevin has not announced any plans to run for re-election in 2019, but he has frequently been at odds with the attorney general politically and in the court of law. Their most notable battle in 2018 is regarding pension reform, as Beshear has argued the Republican-led efforts to keep the pension system viable was passed unconstitutionally.

The Republican Party of Kentucky also criticized Beshear, saying he is the most political attorney general in the state's history.

Party spokesman Tres Watson says he anticipates a crowded Democratic field, and he does not expect Gov. Bevin to make an announcement on running for re-election soon. He does say he has the power of the incumbency, which will help him if he were to decide to run again.

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