Gov. Bevin criticizes Ky. Supreme Court decision

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - "This is it. The Supreme Court has spoken and when the Supreme Court speaks on the law it's final," Attorney General Andy Beshear said.

He called on the governor Thursday to immediately release $18 million in funding for colleges and universities across the state, but we'd not heard from the governor himself, until now.

"We're in the process of reading through the ruling itself and we'll respond as we are given time to do, we'll do exactly that," Governor Matt Bevin told WKYT in Frankfort Friday.

But he had much more to say when he chatted with 'The Leland Conway Show' on News Radio 630 WLAP live Friday morning.

There's no doubt about it, he's not in agreement with the Supreme Court's 5-2 decision.

"Here's what's interesting," he said "There is no law, including any that they pointed to, that we are in violation of. The point of a ruling is to uphold the law, to not create new law from the bench, not to invent new rules."

Governor Bevin says the state's retirement pension shortfall is a huge hole to overcome. In fact, he says, probably tens of billions more than the estimated $35 billion number that's thrown around.

"All these universities and all these courts and everybody else want their money. They all cry like babies if anything gets cut. But what's interesting, their cries will be irrelevant if we run out of money. It won't matter how much they want, it won't matter how much they try to continue to exist themselves and feather their own nests and get their cut. They'll be nothing to get a cut of."

He told WLAP he's simply trying to keep the state from becoming insolvent, and says they're looking into what comes next.

It's still not clear when the money would be released.

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