Gov. Bevin weighs in on Rep. Hoover's resignation as Speaker

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - In a radio interview Tuesday evening, Governor Matt Bevin weighed in on embattled Rep. Jeff Hoover's resignation Monday as Speaker of the House.

Speaking with Terry Meiners on 840 WHAS-AM in Louisville, Governor Bevin said he applauds Hoover for doing what he said he would do and stepping down.

In his speech resigning his post as Speaker, Hoover called out Gov. Bevin, saying he had spread lies and misinformation about him.

"He said we were sexually involved. He said we were texting when this staffer was a teenager," Hoover said of Bevin during his speech from the House floor on Monday. "Ladies and gentlemen I will tell you, and I will tell this governor, those are lies from the deepest pits of hell."

Gov. Bevin told Meiners he did not know what Hoover was talking about, but he stands by his previous call for lawmakers who had settled sexual harassment cases to resign.

"People who are electing people in Frankfort expect people not to be engaging in inappropriate sexual manners with their employees and then paying them money to keep it hidden," Bevin said. "That's pretty straightforward. I think pretty much 99 out of 100 people in Kentucky would agree that's not appropriate."

Rep. Hoover was back at work on Tuesday, and made waves by forcing a vote on a potential House rule-change that could make it more difficult for lawmakers to discipline each other.

When Meiners asked if Hoover resigning only as Speaker, not as representative, is good enough, Bevin said that is up to Hoover's district.

"People have the chance to decide at the ballot box what they want to do," he said.

Hoover said he is not concerned about a conflict with the governor impacting his work in Frankfort moving forward.

Gov. Bevin said he does not believe lawmakers will allow the drama of what has happened keep them from getting things done this session.

Listen to Meiners' full interview with Gov. Bevin here.

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