Gov. Matt Bevin said child shot another child because of teacher sickouts

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin's comments at a Rotary Club event in Louisville are gaining increased attention as he has tied a shooting involving a child to teacher sickouts in March.

Governor Matt Bevin/Facebook

Kentucky Public Radio reporter Ryland Barton reports Bevin said a child home alone shot another child during one of the teacher protests in Frankfort.

"A little girl was shot, seven years old, by another kid. Because they were somewhere that they weren't intended to be," Bevin said.

Bevin would go on to say the child's parent didn't have any option, and the children were compromised as a result.

The shooting Bevin is referring to happened in Shively Mar. 12 when a girl was put in intensive care after her 11-year-old brother accidentally shot her.

Gray affiliate WAVE reported the uncle had guardianship of the kids, and he was outside the home doing work when the shooting happened.

Teachers in Jefferson County Public Schools held sickouts during the legislative session as lawmakers considered legislation which would have impacted their school district.

Bevin made a similar analogy in 2018 when he guaranteed a child was sexually assaulted in Kentucky because of teacher sickouts.

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